Primary studio - work in progress 2021 

Studio work in progress 2021

The inverted suspended Christ figure, with the wig on the face, acts as a form of resistance to the doctrine of white supremacy historically and its influence on contemporary life and religious values.

Forbes is intrigued by traditional African masquerade, particularly the adornment, dance and the concealment of the performers face. Within the work Forbes explore the concealment of the Christ figures face with the wigs, thereby denying Christ and the image of whiteness.

There is also the dichotomy of the wigs becoming a symbol of whiteness, or the aspiration to consume or align oneself with whiteness, thereby the long straight hair has become a trophy to acquire through whatever means. The brightly coloured wigs are referred to as party wigs, which can be seen on one level as light and fun, but on another level, they carry connotations of disease with one’s appearance, and heritage. There are vested interests in keeping the wig business alive and well, as large sectors of the Asian community, which provide the hair, generate large profits from the marketing and selling of the products.


Masquerade... evolution of the black body & The Black Paintings as per text on web page

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